RAW10A-27 2.2 inch mini blue gill swimbait - Blue Back Herring

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  This little lure is amazing.  Crappie, Bass, and all other predator fish love this lure because it resembles their natural food so much.  This lure looks so life like in the water. Swimming like a live bluegill, it catches their eye and makes them go after it.  


Model: RAW10A

Size: 2.2 inches long

Weight: 1/4 ounce

Slow Sinking

Size #6 hooks


Amazing life - like swimming action.  Very Durable and high quality.   The material that holds the joints together on our lures is a fiber called dyneema.  Its actually stronger than Kevlar.  The clear coat is hand sprayed very thick and will last a long time.  


You won't be disappointed. This will be the best lure that you own.  


Lure Length:
2.2 Inch
Lure Weight:
1/4 oz
Lure Color:
Blue Back Herring
Lure Shape: