8pc Swimbait and Top Water Variety Pack

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8pc Variety

Get 8 of our most popular and Amazing lures  


You get:

2 - RAW05C 5 inch swimbaits, 

2 -  Top Water RAW Tail Spin's 

1 -  RAW05A - 3 inch Swimbait

1 - RAW09 - 3 inch Swimbait

2 - RAW Top Water Frog



RAW09 - baby bass swimbait

3 inches long

slow sinking

Weighs - 1/2 ounce

Very Amazing swimming Action


RAW05C - shad style swimbait, long and slender with an amazing action

5 inches long

slow sinking

weighs - 3/4 ounce

amazing swimming action also


RAW05A - 3 inch swimbait

3 inches long

weighs 1/2 ounce

Slow Sinking


RAW Top Water Frog

2.5 inches long

weighs 1/2 ounce

Top water Crankbait with buck tail


RAW Tail Spin - Top Water ( Just like the Whopper Plopper) except ours is shaped like a frog

4.5 inches long

weighs 3/4 ounce

Top Water


You're getting an amazing deal on some amazing lures.  Don't miss out, this variety pack won't be available long


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